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Wisconsin Gov. Walker Thinks about Infiltration of Protests

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, when asked by a man in a telephone call pretending to be right-wing activist David Kochs, stated that he thought about sending infiltrators to the pro-union protests in Madison, WI, to make the protesters look like, I guess, thugs.

After all, that is a common phrase used by the right-wing to refer to those peacefully protesting in Madison, WI. This isn't a surprise.

Mark Williams, who is a leader in the so called Tea Party Movement (and once compared the NAACP to slave-traders) stated that these protests should be infiltrated by these Tea Party activists to make these pro-labor activists look as awful as possible.

By the way, when right-wingers secretly taped the left-leaning organization ACORN and Planned Parenthood (even with heavily edited tapes released) they thought that was great journalism. Now, on this Walker recording, not so much.

Scott Walker also stated in this conservation -- where he was unguarded (because he thought he was talking to a fellow true anti-union believer) -- that Democrats should be essentially tricked into going into session, by saying he was willing to listen to them.

Of course, once in session, the GOP can pass their anti-union bill. Walker said he was willing to listen to the Democrats but he would absolutely brook no compromise at all. Fair deal, offer no chance of compromise whatsoever, why wouldn't the Democrats want to take it? After all, they get nothing whatsoever and Walker gets to make a name for himself to run for the 2012 GOP primary.

He would have to beat Sarah Palin, who criticized Michelle Obama for supporting breast feeding. Yes, Palin actually mocked the First Lady for supporting breast feeding. I could not make this stuff up if I tried.


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