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Gov. Scott Walker: If I Can Squash Union Protests, I Can Squash ISIS

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker thinks he can tackle ISIS because he managed against union protesters.

In a speech given at the Conservative Political Action Conference, potential Republican presidential candidate Walker criticized the Obama administrations’s foreign policy and offered up how he would deal with the threat of the Islamic State (ISIS).

“For years I’ve been concerned about that threat,” Walker said, saying he received security briefings from the FBI and his adjutant general. “I want a commander-in-chief who will do anything in their power to ensure that the threat of radical Islamic terrorists do not wash up on American soil.

“If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world,” Walker added.

Walker spent months dealing with protests in his state over his efforts to limit the power of public sector unions in Wisconsin, TIME reports.

Walker also stated that the American people need a leader who will take the “fight to them” and not wait for the fight to be brought to American soil.

“We need a leader in America who stands up and realizes that radical Islamic terrorism is a threat to our way of life and to all freedom-loving people around the world,” Walker said. “We need a president, a leader, who will stand up and say we’ll take the fight to them and not wait til they bring the fight to American soil for our children and grandchildren.”

Confusion over whether Walker was comparing Americans to ISIS in his speech was quickly squashed by a spokesperson for the Governor.

“Governor Walker believes our fight against ISIS is one of the most important issues our country faces,” said his political action committee communications director Kirsten Kukowski. “He was in no way comparing any American citizen to ISIS. What the governor was saying was when faced with adversity he chooses strength and leadership. Those are the qualities we need to fix the leadership void this White House has created.”

Walker made it clear on CNN after the speech that he only has experience dealing with one “difficult situation.”

“Let me be perfectly clear,” Walker said. “I’m just pointing out the closest thing I have to handling a difficult situation, was the 100,000 protesters I had to deal with. There’s no analogy between the two other than difficult situation.”

Walker had previously been asked how he would deal with ISIS by ABC News’ Martha Raddatz and his response was anything but clear.

Walker mumbled about the need for an “aggressive strategy,” and when asked what that would entail he said “other surgical methods” beyond the current airstrikes being carried out by a U.S.-led coalition, Salon reports.  He also mentioned the possibility of a ground war in Syria, but not as an “immediate plan."

Sources: TIME, Salon / Photo Source: Wikipedia Commons


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