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Gov. Rick Perry: There Shouldn't Be A Minimum Wage (Video)

Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, told CNN Friday that the government shouldn't even set a minimum wage, let alone increase it.

Perry appeared on a "Crossfire" panel with Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D), who said Illnois is grateful to President Barack Obama for "saving the American auto industry" and creating jobs in his state.

"And I still haven't heard from Rick about the minimum wage," Quinn added.

“I don’t think — I don’t think it’s government’s business to be setting the minimum wage out there,” Perry said. “And even the CBO said if you want to get rid of a half a million jobs between now and 2016, raise the minimum wage.”

The report from the Congressional Budget Office projected that raising minimum wage would increase wages for 16.5 million people and reduce employment by an average of 500,000 workers.

“Here’s the issue, Pat, and you’ve got to believe this,” Perry continued. “At a time when jobs are at a premium in this country, the last thing you want to be doing is put policies into place that will kill jobs, and not only–”

“Putting purchasing power in the hands of consumers, they’re going to spend the money,” interrupted Quinn.

“And to tell the people that don’t have a job today, ‘I’m sorry but to help these folks over here, you’re not gonna have a job.’ That is the wrong message,” Perry said.

“The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago says every dollar you raise on the minimum wage creates $2,800 in purchasing power. Seventy percent of our economy are consumers buying things,” Quinn argued.

Sources: ThinkProgress, Crossfire


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