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Gov. Rick Perry Seeks Advice From Bush on Running for President (VIDEO)

After previously insisting that his focus remains on his home state, Texas Governor Rick Perry told Time magazine in an interview published online (video below) that running for president is what he's "supposed to be doing."

"I mean, this is starting to get to that comfort level and I’ve got the calmness in my heart," said Perry. "I think that was a bit of a hurdle initially but I’m very calm in my heart that this is what I’m supposed to be doing."

The Republican hopeful, who is now neck-and-neck with Mitt Romney in recent polls, said that he called former President George W. Bush for advice "early in this process."

"He said, 'You’ll do what’s right,'" recalled Perry of a conversation he said took place in July. "He said you don’t want to wake up when you’re 70 and go, 'I wish I had tried that. I wish I had done that."


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