Gov. Pat McCrory Spent $19K In Tax Money To Remodel Bathroom, Planned To Spend Another $230K

After North Carolina taxpayers learned that Republican Gov. Pat McCrory spent $19,000 in tax money to remodel his private office bathroom last summer because it had a “bad smell,” McCrory changed plans to spend another $230,000 in state funds to remodel six bathrooms in the governor’s mansion.

McCrory scaled back the remodel to the historic Executive Mansion in Raleigh last week, according to the Winston-Salem Journal, after a public backlash about the use of funds. 

Democrats criticized his recently signed state budget, which provides tax cuts to the wealthy and eliminates the possibility of a raise for school teachers. Per-pupil spending in the state is among the lowers rates in the country.

The remodeling was to include more than $100,000 in new marble, fixtures, and tile for the master bath.

According to McCrory spokeswoman Kim Genardo that remodel will now "do only basic maintenance at minimal cost to get the bathrooms up to code, remove dangerous mold and fix broken faucets."

A September memo to justify the remodel to the mansion bathrooms made no mention of testing to confirm the “dangerous mold.”

The administration has not said what requirement was met to make the bathrooms need to be brought “up to code.” The state’s plumbing code requires an inspection to determine a “hazard or unsafe condition” before a functioning bathroom must be replaced.

Last July, $19,000 was spent on the Capital office bathroom for new paint, tile and other repairs, citing poor maintenance by the former Democratic governor, Bev Perdue.

"We spent $19,156 to replace broken tiles, flooring and make extensive repairs to plumbing that were not fixed by the previous administration," Genardo said. "Additionally, a pungent odor seeped into the governor's office, which made it an embarrassment to host company CEOs and guests at the State Capitol."

Sources: Winston-Salem Journal, WRAL.com


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