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Gov. Chris Christie Answers Adorable Questions From Kindergarteners

A group of kindergarten students at Stone Harbor Elementary School posed a series of amusing and adorable questions to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie when he came to visit them on Wednesday.

The school had just reopened following Hurricane Sandy, and the governor came to welcome them back.

The children sat in a group cross-legged while they took turns asking Christie questions about his job, including if he lived in a big house and if he found the First Lady “enchanting.”

A little boy bravely asked the first question, which was if he had visited the school in a limo. Christie said he came in something even better, shocking the class.

“I came in a helicopter,” he said. The class collectively said “whoa!” and asked where he parked it.

Other kindergartners asked about his job, and he said the most difficult part was during Hurricane Sandy when he witnessed many people lose homes, businesses, and schools. But he said the benefits outweigh the cons.

“Most of the time it’s a lot of fun being governor, I suggest it for you,” he said. “You might want to be governor in the future, it’s a good job.”

“I say being governor is like going back to school for adults. You learn something new every day. I’m never bored. I’m definitely never bored.”

Then they questioned whether he had met Obama.

“Yes, I’ve gotten to meet the President a bunch of times,” he said. “I used to know how many times in my head I had met the President but now I’ve met him so many times that I can’t keep count anymore.”

“I know President Obama really well and we worked really well together during the hurricane and he helped New Jersey a lot during the hurricane and I’m very grateful for all the help that he’s given us.”

He then said he had dinner with Obama and his wife three weeks ago, and the children gasped.

A little girl asked, “was the president’s wife enchanting?”

“Yes, actually she was,” he said. “She’s very smart, she’s very nice. And she was very nice to me during dinner. We sat next to each other during dinner at the White House and she was very nice. I like Ms. Obama.”

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