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Gov. Bobby Jindal Warns Corporations Not To Oppose His Anti-Gay Executive Order (Video)

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal signed an executive order on May 19 that he says (video below) will protect businesses from being punished by the state government if they discriminate against gay people based upon their views of same-sex marriage.

Louisiana's House Civil Law and Procedure Committee voted 10-2 on May 19 to table House Bill 707, which would have done the same thing, NOLA reported.

In response, Jindal signed his executive order, which fulfills the goals of HB 707, noted BuzzFeed.

Ironically, Jindal, a Republican, accused President Barack Obama of ignoring the will of the people for using executive orders in November 2014: "If the President wants to make the case that the law should be changed, he should go make the case to Congress and our people."

Jindal appeared on the Family Research Council’s "Washington Watch" radio show with host Tony Perkins on May 19 to warn corporations not to oppose his anti-gay order as businesses did earlier this year in Indiana when that state passed a similar anti-gay law, noted (video below).

Jindal said:

"One of the things, Tony, we’ve got to be on guard against, sometimes big business has allied itself with the radical left, you saw it in Indiana, you saw it in Arkansas, you saw a little bit of it here in Louisiana, against religious liberty. They’re making a big mistake. The radical left, they want to tax and regulate businesses out of existence, they’re not for profit. So these businesses need to be careful. Economic liberty is the other side of the coin of religious liberty, two sides of the same coin."

Jindal later complained about the "radical left" supporting environmental laws that he believes are  strangling the U.S. economy, and added:

"It’s an unholy, unnatural alliance, is what I’ve argued. They should remember they need to go back to fighting for liberty and freedom and understand that the two of them go together. And that has always been the traditional alliance, and I think that’s what we need to get back to."

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Image Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr


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