Gov. Bobby Jindal Claims American 'Left' Discriminates Against Christians (Video)

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2016, claimed on May 14 that the "left" in America is persecuting Christians, including "Duck Dynasty" reality TV star Phil Robertson.

Jindal made his comments during an interview with Iowa talk radio host Simon Conway when they were discussing an attack on an anti-Muslim art event in Garland, Texas, noted RightWingWatch.org (video below).

Jindal never specifically identified who the "left" are during the segment:

"In America, there used to be a time with the left, and the media even celebrated diversity and tolerated free speech and religious liberty. Simon, the sad truth is that’s no longer true. They tolerate anybody that agrees with them and nobody else.

"And you saw this, not only with radical Islamic terrorism, you saw it with Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty,' he made some comments they didn’t like, they wanted to get his show canceled on A&E, they wanted to get 'Duck Dynasty' removed from A&E.

"The left doesn’t tolerate those that disagree with them anymore. Hollywood, the media elite, the left, they want us all to act, think, talk like them, and it starts with a secularized America and it certainly does not allow you to call radical Islamic terrorism the problem."

Jindal insisted by simply using the words "radical Islam" that the "enemy" can be defeated sooner.

He didn't mention that Robertson compared homosexuality to beastiality, and, during a GQ magazine interview in 2014 claimed that black people were happy under the racist Jim Crow laws.

Jindal also failed to mention the Christian campaigns to censor TV shows and movies, as noted by the International Business Times and Lifesite News.

Jindal added:

"The only group, it seems like, that the left is willing to discriminate against today are evangelical Christians and others with traditional values and beliefs. And so, now the Christian business owner no longer, they all of a sudden have to lose their religious liberty rights if they don't want to paticipate in a wedding ceremony that violates their beliefs. For some reason the left thinks its OK to discriminate against that person."

Jindal is currently pushing for the passage of the Marriage and Conscience Act in Louisiana, which would not allow the state to penalize any business or person that wants to discriminate against someone, if that discrimination is based on their beliefs of marriage, including gay marriage.

Salon.com notes, "(T)he Louisiana bill would grant people of faith blanket protection against any government action."

Sources: GQ, RightWingWatch.org, Salon.com, International Business Times, Lifesite News
Image Credit: Gage Skidmore


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