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Gordon Brown, Tony Blair Not Invited to Royal Wedding

An invitation to the royal wedding is no doubt the most sought-after invite of the year, perhaps of the millennium so far. Celebrities like Elton John and David Beckham made the cut. So did commoners such as a mail man and a bartender from the bride's hometown. So it seems odd that on a guest list of 2,000, the last two former Prime Ministers of England were not invited.

That's right, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair will be watching on television just like billions of other people worldwide. According to a report from the BBC, there is apparently a two-fold reason for the snub.

First, unlike the previous royal weddings, this is not an official state occasion, so there is no obligation to invite former prime ministers.

Second, Brown and Blair are not "Knights of the Garter," which The Huffington Post described as "a royal honor dating to the 14th century that is traditionally bestowed on distinguished individuals for their service to the nation or the crown."

Former Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher (who will not attend because of illness) and John Major are both Knights of the Garter and were invited.

"Furthermore, Sir John Major has a personal connection to Prince William, as he was appointed guardian to Prince William and Prince Harry following the death of the late Diana, Princess of Wales," a St James Palace spokesman said.

But many are not buying these explanations. Some say it is the work of current Prime Minister David Cameron, who of course holds one of the coveted invites (plus one, presumably).

"Denigrating Tony Blair and Gordon Brown seems to be an obsession of David Cameron's and I think we need to know if any politician was involved in giving advice to the palace," Former Europe minister Denis MacShane told the BBC. "If you look at the guest list, it's huge, and it's just slightly odd that two men who've occupied the highest office of the land aren't on it."


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