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GOP Is Teaching Candidates and Staffers Not To Offend Women

The National Republican Congressional Committee is offering male staff tutorials on how not to offend women ahead of next year’s election.

The classes are meant to avoid any offensive missteps by candidates running against Democratic females, Politico reported.

There is a gender voting gap that favors Democrats, and poor wording and language from male candidates has helped to bolster that disparity in recent years.

Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinnelli, who lost in November, was considered by many to be anti-female.

Comments that show a general ignorance about the female reproductive system, while touting strong opinions about reproductive rights, have proven poisonous.

During the last election cycle, Senate candidate Todd Akin, R-Mo., posited that victims of “legitimate rape” can’t get pregnant because “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, of Indiana, said weeks later that rape that infants conceived through rape are a “gift from god.”

Earlier this year, Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., sparked outrage when he said the number of pregnancies that occur from rape is “very low” and subsequently stood by that claim.

Republicans have sought to roll back contraceptive coverage in Obamacare, refusing to allow birth control without a co-pay, ThinkProgress reported. They opposed the Paycheck Fairness Act that would reduce the gender wage gap. The GOP also delayed the passage of the Violence Against Women Act this year because it included provisions for LGBT victims of domestic violence.

“Let me put it this way, some of these guys have a lot to learn,” a GOP aide, who attended one of the sessions in Speaker John Boehner’s office, told Politico.

The GOP has spoken of rebranding the party after Democrats accused it of waging a “War on Women” in 2012.

“You need to be very careful in how you approach any group and what you say… That’s just Politics 101,” NRCC chairman Greg Walden told Politico.

The specific content of the meetings has not been disclosed.

Sources: Politico, ThinkProgress


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