GOP Support Dems Oppose Shipping Radioactive Waste on Great Lakes

As the liberal media beats the dead horse to death about Christine O’Donnell’s witch comments, the most important issue to have ever faced mankind is going absolutely unnoticed. The issue is whether or not to allow Canada to ship radioactive waste across the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean to Sweden for disposal. This is the issue the Democrats should be jumping on full force: the fact that they will stop this insanity and the GOP will allow it.

The Democratic commercial should begin with video of GOP Tea Party leader Sarah Palin saying over and over during her campaign “Offshore drilling is environmentally safe and environmentally friendly. Drill, Baby Drill. Yah!” on one side of the screen and the BP oil volcano and oily birds on the other side of the screen.

Then, the Democratic Candidates should say, “We now face a crisis of historic proportions. The Great Lakes are the largest source of fresh water on Earth, comprising 20 percent of the fresh drinking water on Earth. My GOP opponent supports the shipping of nuclear radiactive waste across the Great Lakes and I oppose it. If one of the ships carrying nuclear radioactive waste sinks like the Exxon Valdez, the BP Macondo oil rig, or the Hungary red poison aluminium flood now threatening the Danube River, by mechanical failure, natural disaster or terrorist attack, the Great Lakes will be dead forever.”

The Bush Supreme Court just ruled that Corporations are People with the right to donate unlimited hidden money to political candidates, primarily the GOP, who the Corporations own lock, stock and barrel and control. GOP President George Bush threatened to declare martial law, to create a fascist dictatorship in the United States of America the next day if Congress refused to bail out the banks. With all due respect to Justice Scalia corporations do not eat, drink, urinate, defecate, or engage in sexual relations.

Unlike humans like yourself Justice Scalia corporations are not composed 90 percent of air, water and earth. Humans need clean air, water and earth to survive. Corporations make enormous profits poisoning to death forever our air, water and earth. Corporations are people like Stephen Hawking is the reigning Olympic 100 metre champion, the fastest man in the world. No wonder Stephen Hawking just said that our only chance of survival is to move to another planet like Superboy. We must not allow Republicans into space.   

Justice Scalia, you meet every legal definition of insanity. Because you do not understand the nature and consequences of your actions you are a danger to yourself and others. Any vote for the GOP will pack the United States Supreme Court with Justice Scalias, filling the Great Lakes with deadly nuclear radioactive waste forever. Rest well Justice Scalia and the GOP candidates for you have just ended life in North America forever. As the psalmist King David the ancestor of Jesus Christ wrote, “The wicked are without knowledge and understanding; they walk in darkness and fall into their own traps.” The problem is that they will take the rest of us with them into their man made Hell. “Drink your radioactive water Timmy and grow up to be a big strong glow in the dark Republican.”   

Antipoisoner International


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