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GOP State Rep. Matt Shea Warns Of Economic Collapse At Idaho Rally, Tells Folks to Buy Ammo


At a rally held at an Idaho state park last weekend, State Representative Matt Shea (R-Spokane Valley) warned a group of tea party members and survivalists of an impending economic collapse.

Shea argued that preparation would be key to survival in such a case, and encouraged listeners to buy thousands of rounds of ammunition in preparation for what he called an “inevitable collapse that is going to happen.”

“You know it’s going to happen,” Shea told the crowd. “That’s right, I am a politician and I am standing up here and saying that.”

“When it happens, we need to look at this as a opportunity, not a crisis,” he continued. “Who’s [sic] job is liberty? That’s our job.”

Shea reiterated a tidbit he said was given to him by one of his superiors during his time in the military—one that he said he would never forget.

“Be prepared at any given moment to give up your job to do what is right,” said Shea. “You have to stand up for what is right—even if it means you have to stand up to your government.”

The Idaho rally, held at Farragut State Park, was described by the Associated Press as a “Self Reliance” rally urging like-minded thinkers to prepare for imminent economic collapse in the United States. Other speakers besides Shea advocated preparation as well, with one urging the creation of militias.

Shea, an Army veteran, is an active supporter in Washington of pro-gun legislation. He recently appeared in the news in 2012 after violating state firearms laws in what was reported as a road rage incident, where Shea pointed a loaded gun at a driver who cut him off and then chased the vehicle at high speeds.

Sources: Huffington Post, Seattle Times


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