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GOP Senate Candidate Josh Mandel Gets Slammed by In-Laws for his Anti-Gay Positions

Ohio Senate GOP candidate and state treasurer Josh Mandel's wife’s cousins recently took out an ad in the Cleveland Jewish News slamming Mandel for his anti-gay positions.

Nine cousins signed the 'open letter' ad, including members of the Ratner family, a well-known local family that Mandel married into, reports

In the ad which starts with "Open Letter to Josh Mandel," his in-laws attack his opposition to gay marriage and his support for re-instating 'Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.' Mandel gets slammed for opposing a bill to extend employment non-discrimination protections to gay people.

The ad states: “Your cousins, Ellen Ratner and Cholene Espinoza, are among the many wonderful couples whose rights you do not recognize. Their wedding, like yours, was a beautiful and happy occasion for all of us in our family. It hurts us that you would embrace discrimination against them and countless other loving couples in Ohio and around the country.


Mandel is running to against the very progressive Sherrod Brown (D), whom he is trailing, according to polls.


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