GOP Sen. John Cornyn Exploits Immigrant Deaths in Anti-Immigration Reform Video

Republican Senator John Cornyn released a Youtube video before a Senate meeting on immigration reform Monday that attacked the Obama administration’s border security endeavors.

The video scales a graveyard where Cornyn crouches down to read makeshift grave markers made of metal plates, all of which are absent of names. The unidentified remains are marked as “Bones” or “Skeletal Remains”.

At the end of the video, text floats across the screen: “Is this how we define secure?”

His walk through the Rio Grande cemetery was part of a two-day trip through South Texas to discuss border security with local officials before discussions on immigration reform in the Senate this week.

Cornyn has praised some elements of the bi-partisan immigration bill proposed last month by the Gang of Eight, but his meddling could prevent the passage of the bill by adding additional amendments that would place the National Guard across the Southern border.

The DREAM Action Coalition, an immigration advocacy group, tweeted an article to Cornyn criticizing him of derailing previous attempts at immigration reform. He responded with: “complete bs.”

The group said that an outburst of vulgarity from a politician like Cornyn shows a sign of weakness.

Cornyn’s weakness can actually be seen in his neglect of filling judicial vacancies, which is astounding considering he wants justice brought to border security.

Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse called Cornyn out at a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting when Cornyn complained about a lack of immigration judge slots in Texas, despite gaping holes in district court slots.

"I don't see why you need additional judges when there have been multiple vacancies that have been left without nominees for years," Whitehouse said. "I have an issue with that."

One slot continues to be vacant after 1,742 days, according to the Alliance for Justice.

Sources: ThinkProgress, The Monitor


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