GOP Rep: 'I'll Take Cyanide' If Cruz Wins Nomination


Republican State Rep. Peter King of New York said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that he’d rather kill himself than endorse Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

According to Mediaite, host Joe Scarborough began the interview by jokingly calling King “Nassau County’s chairman for Ted Cruz for President,” a reference to the mutual dislike between King and Cruz.

“First of all, in case anybody gets confused, I’m not endorsing Ted Cruz,” King replied. “I hate Ted Cruz, and I think I’ll take cyanide if he got the nomination.”

King went on to say that he didn't support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, either, and actually voted for Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio. However, he did expect Trump to win New York's April 19 primary by a large margin.

“In fact, I actually voted by absentee ballot for John Kasich,” King said. “I’m not endorsing John, but I voted for him to really send a message. But I think Trump is going to win big.”

King has not been shy about his dislike for Cruz. In March 2015 during an interview on CNN's "The Situation Room," King explained why he thought Cruz was a political failure:

We need intelligent debate in the country. Ted Cruz may be an intelligent person, but he doesn’t carry out an intelligent debate. He oversimplifies, he exaggerates and he basically led the Republican Party over the cliff in the fall of 2013. He has shown no qualifications, no legislation being passed, doesn’t provide leadership and he has no real experience. So, to me, he is just a guy with a big mouth and no results.

During that interview, King jokingly threatened suicide another way if Cruz were to win the nomination. When asked if he'd support Cruz if the Texas Senator won the GOP nod, King said, “I hope that day never comes. I will jump off that bridge when we come to it.” 

Sources: Mediaite (2), Photo credit: ABC/Twitter

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