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GOP Rep. Kerry Bentivolio Says Obama Impeachment Would Be 'A Dream'

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Rep. Kerry Bentivolio suggested Monday that he’d like to impeach President Obama if he could find “evidence” to make it stick.

"You know, if I could write that bill and submit it, it would be a dream come true," Bentivolio said.

The congressman said that he can’t stand Obama, though as a congress member he must respect the position.

Bentivolio said he would follow up with his lawyers to find out how to impeach the president, telling his constituents he would need hard evidence.

As a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Bentivolio said he is continuously looking for any emails connecting the White House to IRS scrutiny of tea party groups, which could be cause for impeachment.

He added that the press would have to be convinced as well, or he could become a laughingstock. He also called the press the most corrupt thing in Washington.

“There are some people out there no matter what Obama does he is still the greatest president they have ever had,” Bentivolio said. “That's what you’re fighting."

Impeachment has been a popular topic during the Congressional recess, with Rep. Blake Farenthold saying an impeachment bill would pass in the House, but not in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Politico


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