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GOP Rep. Don Young Admits He Was 'Wrong' For Twisting Staffer's Arm (Video)

Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, apologized after he was caught on camera Thursday twisting the arm of an aide who told him it was against the rules to re-enter a closed House meeting.

Young reportedly stepped out of an off-the-record GOP meeting on the border crisis. He then tried to re-enter through a side door, according to Mediaite.

When an aide stationed outside the door to keep people from entering stopped him, Young allegedly put the staffer in a wristlock and twisted his arm. After a few seconds, Young let go and entered the meeting.

NBC producer Frank Thorp published a Vine video of the incident.

Young later told Politico that he was caught off guard by the staffer.

“While returning to the GOP conference meeting to discuss the ongoing situation on our southern border, I was caught off guard by an unidentified individual who was physically blocking me from reentering the room,” Young said in a statement. “Regardless, my reaction was wrong and I should have never placed my hands on the young man.”

Sources: Politico, Mediaite

Image screenshot: Vine


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