GOP Rep. Charles Boustany Unsure Whether Tea Partiers Are Republicans


During an interview Wednesday, Rep. Charles Boustany questioned whether his Tea Party colleagues were actually siding with conservatives.

“There are members with a different agenda,” Boustany said. “I’m not sure they’re Republican and I’m not sure they’re conservative.”

He added that some lawmakers are so obsessed with opposing compromise that they drive legislation away from GOP goals and deny their own responsibility to govern.

He noted that the Tea Party in particular is more concerned about spewing rhetoric than governing.

Boustany added that the Tea Party’s allegiance is not to the team of leadership or conservative values, but to interest groups outside of Washington D.C. that raise money and attack conservatives.

His comments came a day after House Republicans rejected a deal proposed by Speaker John Boehner to reopen the government. In essence, the bipartisan Senate-authored deal passed instead with nothing gained by House conservatives who encouraged the shutdown in the first place.

“I think we can fight the problems with Obamacare in a more intelligent way than we have,” Boustany confessed. “But we are where we are.”

Boustany fears that the GOP’s inability to rule its own majority will threaten its hold on the House.

Sources: The Huffington Post, National Journal


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