GOP Presidential Poll: Mitt Romney Back on Top, Herman Cain Gains


A big shakeup in the Republican race for president -- the latest poll shows Mitt Romney back on top and huge gains by former also-ran Herman Cain.

The Fox News poll shows Romney with 23%, beating second place finisher Rick Perry with 19%. Perry unseated Romney as the frontrunner from almost the moment Perry entered the race in mid-August. But now for the first time Romney is back on top.

Cain finished third with 17%, following his surprise win in the Florida straw poll over the weekend.

This poll comes after three televised debates in which most of the nation got their first looks at Perry and Cain. Obviously they liked what they saw in Cain -- his support climbed 11%. Perry, not so much -- he dropped 10% over the past month.

The poll is also bad news for Michele Bachmann -- her support now stands at just 3%, down from a high of 15% in July.

Newt Gingrich got 11% of the vote and Ron Paul 6%.


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