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GOP Presidential Candidates Plan To Seize Control Of Debates From RNC

The 2016 Republican presidential candidates have had enough with the Republican National Committee. Following a highly criticized CNBC debate on Oct. 28, the candidates have agreed to come together and hash out a new debate process without the RNC’s input.

All of the candidates vying for the Republican nomination have expressed frustration with the first three debates for the 2016 election cycle. Among their complaints are overlong runtimes, hostile moderators, candidates not being allowed to join the primary stage based on national polling and an overall lack of receptiveness from the RNC, The Huffington Post reports.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson’s campaign reached out to the other Republican candidates on Oct. 29, asking if they would like to work together to work out a debate process that they can all agree on, CNS News reports.

The GOP presidential field will gather together in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 1 without inviting any members of the RNC, Politico reports.

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina blasted how the RNC handled the debates on Oct. 29. Graham is among the presidential candidates but has not been part of the primetime debates because of his low national polling, The Huffington Post reports.

”We've got talented candidates," says Graham. "The process is not bringing out the best in the party … You know, I don't think the RNC could run a one-car funeral.”

Conservative radio show host Mark Levin has also criticized the RNC’s handling of the debates, calling for chairman Reince Priebus to resign and claiming the organization “has surrendered the entire process to the media,” according to CNS News.

“These campaigns ought to get together, set up their own rules, follow their own rules, decide whose involved in the debates, maybe you have other debates,” says Levin. “The media shouldn’t even be involved.”

It seems that the GOP candidates agree.

The next Republican presidential debate is scheduled for Nov. 10. It will be moderated by the Fox Business Network, Politico reports.

Sources: CNS News (1), The Huffington Post, Politico / Photo credit: YouTube screenshot


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