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GOP House Speaker John Boehner Blames President Obama for Drought

In what may be the first time a sitting president has been blamed for bad weather, House Speaker John Boehner's office said that President Obama needs to take responsibility for the drought in the Midwest, reports

On Speaker Boehner's web site and in an email pres release, he states that President Obama "continues to blame anyone and everyone for the drought but himself."

The Financial Times attributed the bizarre quote to Boehner, while the web site posting and the email press release was attributed to Boehner spokesperson Kevin Smith.

After reported this story originally, Boehner's website was changed, which reported as well:


Clarifies that the president is blaming others for failing to respond to the drought when he has yet to urge Senate Democrats to adopt a bipartisan drought-relief measure passed by the House.

According to the Washington Post, the Obama White House announced $170 million in federal assistance to help farmer's suffering from the drought.


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