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GOP Gov. Candidate Greg Abbott Calls Southern Texas 'Third-World Country’

Texas Attorney General and GOP gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott recently compared the southern part of Texas (the Rio Grande Valley) to a “third-world country.”

According to, during a speech last week, Abbott said he would spend $300 million, without raising taxes, to crack down on crime in Texas and on the Texas-Mexico border, which includes the Rio Grande Valley.

"This creeping corruption resembles third-world-country practices that erode the social fabric of our communities and destroy Texans' trust and confidence in government," said Abbott.

"We must do more to protect our border going beyond sporadic surges," added Abbott. "I'll add more boots on the ground, more assets in the air and on the water, and deploy more technology and tools for added surveillance."

Abbott's opponent, State Sen. Wendy Davis, Democrat, condemned Abbott's remarks in an open letter in The Monitor:

"I join you in calling for Attorney Gen. Greg Abbott to apologize for his offensive and erroneous comment that problems facing South Texas resemble 'third-world country practices that erode the social fabric of our communities and destroys Texans’ trust in government,'" she wrote. "Abbott’s comparison of activities in South Texas to those of a 'third-world' country is untrue, hurts our state, harms economic development in our border communities and won’t help the hardworking Texas families who live there."

Abbott then hit back against Davis on Twitter, "Wait till you see my response to her Monitor piece. It will show how clueless she is about the RGV."

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