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GOP Convention Opens In Chaos Over Trump (Video)

The Republican National Convention opened in chaos on July 18, with opponents and supporters of GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump engaging in a shouting match (video below).

The anti-Trump delegates, also known as the "Never Trump" group, yelled "roll call vote," while Trump supporters shouted "U-S-A! U-S-A!" notes Raw Story.

The anti-Trump delegates wanted a state-by-state roll call vote to change the nomination rules of the convention that require delegates to vote as their states voted during the primaries in an attempt to allow them to vote for whomever they wanted, most likely Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, notes CNN.

After a quick "aye" and "no" vote on the GOP convention rules by Republican Rep. Steve Womack of Arkansas, acting as chairman, the aye's had it, which meant a win for the Trump campaign.

Womack took another vocal vote, and declared the aye's won again.

Delegates from Virginia and Colorado (video below) were among the loudest anti-Trump delegates on the floor. Virginia delegate Ken Cuccinelli tossed his credentials on the floor, while the Colorado delegates walked out.

The “never Trump” delegates said they submitted signatures to the convention secretary from a majority of delegates in Colorado, Washington, Utah, Minnesota, Wyoming, Maine, Iowa, Virginia and the District of Columbia to force the roll call vote; only seven states or territories are needed to do so, according to POLITICO.

Womack announced three states pulled out of the roll call movement, meaning the anti-Trump group only had six states.

An unidentified GOP operative told POLITICO that several delegates didn't realize they signed on for a roll call vote, while other reports suggest Trump's people quickly worked the convention floor to quell the rebellion among Republicans.

Sources: POLITICO, CNN, Raw Story / Photo Credit: C-SPAN via YouTube

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