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GOP Chairman Blames Media For Trump Rally Fights (Video)

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus blamed the media in part on March 21 for the violence that has occurred at rallies for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (video below).

In response to violence at a Trump rally in Tucson, Arizona, Priebus told CNN that the Republican front-runner is "certainly calling for the temperature to be cooled more,” notes

Trump has said in the past that he would pay the legal costs for people who hurt protesters, but then refused to do so.

Priebus added:

But look, we’re not a party that believes in violence. I think violence begets violence.  And I think you’ve got to leave some of the work in the crowd up to the professionals.

But I also think [...] when cable shows are on a constant loop, a couple knuckleheads pushing each other, in a 24/7 loop, you create an environment, I think, that just adds fuel to the fire.

When asked if the media should mention the violence that has plagued Trump's rallies, Priebus replied:

Mentioning it is fine. I’m questioning the 24/7 loop. I’m questioning three hours in primetime at night every day talking about it. I mean, I get it. It’s news. I’m not questioning, it’s news, I’m not.

But it’s the obsession that I think [...] also adds to the problem. Granted, both sides have to disavow violence, I'm not saying that, but I do think that the media is obsessed to the point of it being very noticeable and almost bizarre.

According to Joe My God, Fox News radio host Todd Starnes recently egged on violence with a tweet: "Anti-Trump thugs chain themselves to cars in AZ ... Put the cars in drive and problem solved."

CBS News reports one of Trump's supporters was arrested after he allegedly punched and kicked a protester who was being taken out by security at the Trump rally in Tucson on March 19.

Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is an outspoken Trump supporter, said that protesters who blocked a highway to the rally were thrown in jail.

Sources:, Joe My God, CBS News / Photo credit: CNN via YouTube

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