GOP Cat Fight? Ann Coulter, Laura Inghram Bash Sarah Palin


By Shikha Dalmia 

Laura Inghram and Ann Coulter apparently played who-can-be-meaner-to-Sarah-Palin on Bill O’Reilly last night. Here are tidbits from their exchange:

Coulter: “She's become sort of the Obama of the Tea Party…She's just 'The One' to a certain segment of right wingers. And the tiniest criticism of her—I think many of your viewers may not know this. No conservative on TV will criticize Palin, because they don't want to deal with the hate mail."

Ingraham agreed that Palin is too thin on policy to be a credible presidential candidate. She said people were "desperate" for "real substance" and that Palin doesn't seem "all that interested in digging really, really deep on that stuff."

To which Coulter adds: "You know, we used to all love Sarah Palin, conservatives like me, for her enemies….I'm starting to dislike her because of her fans….It's true that liberals will call even smart conservatives stupid. That doesn't mean that when a liberal calls you stupid it makes you smart."

The last comment might actually be the first genuinely smart thing that Coulter has said. But there is one thing that Sarah Palin can be certain of as she weighs her presidential run: If you’ve lost Coulter, you’ve pretty much lost the b***h vote in America.


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