Harry Reid: ObamaCare Is A 'Smashing Success' -- And Republicans Can't Accept That


Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid remarked from the Senate floor on Monday that Republicans are attempting to “escape the reality that ObamaCare is a smashing success.”

In his speech, Reid called on Senate Republicans to accept the truth about Obamacare and its success rate amongst the negativity that has surrounded it.

“It's a hard thing to admit you're wrong. It's never pleasing to look back and say to yourself, ‘Wow - I was way off.’ But as public servants, we have to accept reality, regardless of where we may have stood or what we may have said in the past. Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress are trying their utmost to escape the reality that Obamacare is a smashing success,” Reid said.

"I understand that many Senate Republicans have worked hard to make their opposition to Obamacare their legacy.” In his remarks, Reid detailed aspects of the Affordable Care Act that have proven successful, pointing out that “the number of Americans without health insurance has fallen by around 15 million, and would have fallen substantially more if so many Republican-controlled states weren't blocking the expansion of Medicaid.”

Reid’s speech came after the Supreme Court struck down a ruling relating to the government’s birth control mandate under the Affordable Care Act.

“Simply put, Republicans were wrong on Obamacare. In this body, it's understandable for a Senator to be dead wrong on some piece of policy from time to time. It happens. What isn't understandable and what isn't acceptable is for the entire Republican party to double down on its opposition after they've already been proved wrong,” Reid said. “It says a lot about their inability to govern, and quite frankly, their grasp upon reality, that Republicans refuse to acknowledge the facts."

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Sources: The Hill, Insurance News Net

Photo Credit: Fighting For Our Health/Flickr Creative Commons, legalinsurrection.com


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