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GOP Candidates Running Neck-and-Neck with Obama

President Obama cannot be happy with the results of the latest poll pitting him against the top GOP candidates -- they are running neck-and-neck in head-to-head matchups.

In the Gallup poll released on Monday, Mitt Romney actually beat Obama in a hypothetical general election, 48%-46%.

Obama and Rick Perry tied at 47% each.

Obama barely beat Ron Paul 47%-45%, but handled Bachmann with a little more ease, 48%-44%.

However, as pointed out, past Gallup polls taken in August the year prior to the election have been far from prescient.

For example in August 1995, Bob Dole had a two-point lead over President Clinton. Clinton would win by eight points a year later.

In August 1983, President Reagan had just a one-point lead over Walter Mondale. Reagan slaughtered him in 1984 by 18 points.


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