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GOP Candidates Pretend to Know About Sports

It should have come as no surprise that Saturday night's Republican presidential debate ended with an idiotic question -- it was filled with stupid questions, such as George Stephanopoulos's banning birth control nonsense. The final question from the oddly giggly Diane Sawyer was, "If you weren't here debating, what would you be doing on a Saturday night?"

After Rick Perry pandered to the NRA crowd by claiming he would be at a gun range, Newt Gingrich said he would be home "watching the college basketball championship game." Gingrich can be forgiven for accidentally saying "basketball" when he obviously meant "football."

Rick Santorum said he would be doing the same, and then Mitt Romney, without an original thought in his head and always willing to say what he thinks people want to hear, said he, too, would be watching the big game.

The problem? -- there was no game being played Saturday night. They presumably meant the BCS Championship game which is being played on Monday night. What a shock -- patronizing politicians who don't know what they are talking about.

As far as the other two guys, Jon Huntsman said he would be on the phone with his two sons who are bravely serving in the military, showing how great this country is blah blah blah.

Ron Paul gave the only honest-sounding answer -- he said he would be home with his family, but if they went to sleep early he would curl up with an economics textbook. 


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