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Assemblywoman: I'd Point Gun Back At Government (Video)

Republican Assemblywoman Michele Fiore of Nevada, who is running for a seat in the U.S. Congress, said she would point a gun at federal government officials if they pointed a gun at her (video below).

The Las Vegas Sun's Chris Kudialis asked Fiore why she supports the Oregon militants, whom she deemed "political prisoners," and she responded:

So, when the federal government feels like they're gonna govern by gunpoint Americans? I'm sorry, [if] the government is gonna point a gun at me, Chris? I’m gonna point my gun right back.

If you’re gonna shoot me, I’m gonna to shoot you back. I ain't gonna shoot first, but I ain't gonna sit there and let just you shoot me. OK? It's just not gonna happen. I don't think most Americans are gonna do that.

Fiore then discussed the armed Oregon militants who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon:

You're talking about a bunch of cowboys going in the middle of nowhere, making campfires, and people coming and going -- the press camping out there, the citizens camping out there, the police, the FBI going in and out of this refuge that people say that they took over.

Meanwhile, it was abandoned; no one was there, so they basically kind of said, "This is a great place to camp and make our statement." There was never a standoff. There wasn't one cowboy out there that ever pointed a firearm at an agent or a law enforcer.

Fiore and the Rev. Franklin Graham negotiated a surrender of several of the militants during a standoff with law enforcement on Feb. 11, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

“I’m sort of in frustrated disbelief right now that there’s someone in the federal government right now who thought it was a good idea to arrest Cliven Bundy while Michele Fiore was negotiating for the stand-down at the refuge,” Ammon Bundy’s lawyer, Mike Arnold, said at the time.

On Jan. 2, The Oregonian reporter Ian Kullgren tweeted: "I talked to Ryan Bundy on the phone again. He said they're willing to kill and be killed if necessary."

Sources: Las Vegas Sun, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Ian Kullgren/Twitter / Photo Credit: Las Vegas Sun/YouTube

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