GOP Candidate Wendy Rogers Runs Ad with ISIS Beheading Video


(Ret.) Air Force Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers, who is running against Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), recently ran an ad that included footage from the ISIS beheading video of journalist James Foley.

“Are we secure? Are we protected? Keeping us safe and secure is Congress’ job. Kyrsten Sinema hasn’t done her job," stated the voice over in the ad, reports the Associated Press.

"Sinema voted in Congress to give terrorists full legal rights under the Constitution. Sinema voted in Congress to allow Guantanamo terrorists to return to their countries. It’s true. It’s wrong. Kyrsten Sinema allowed her liberal agenda to get in the way of our safety,” stated the ad, which has since been pulled.

The ad fails to mention that most of the detainees in Guantanamo Bay have not been put on trial for terrorism and the ones who have been convicted of terrorism are in federal prison. Not one convicted terrorist from Guantanamo Bay has been returned to their home country.

The ad didn't show the actual beheading of Foley, but the moments leading up to the execution, according to

Foley's family asked back in August that people not view or share the video.

“Please honor James Foley and respect my family’s privacy. Don’t watch the video. Don’t share it. That’s not how life should be,” a member of Foley’s family said on Twitter, noted WMUR.

"It is reprehensible and unbecoming of anyone seeking elected office to use the footage of an American tragedy for political gain, and Wendy Rogers should remove this ad immediately and apologize to Mr. Foley's family," Tyrone Gale, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said today.

"For Wendy Rogers to use such a reprehensible tactic to make baseless claims just to smear Representative Sinema proves how desperate her campaign has become," added Gale.

"We think it's an important ad to highlight the differences on what this election is about and how President Obama's failed leadership internationally has made our country less safe," stated Rogers' campaign spokesman James Harris.

However, Foley was kidnapped in Syria, not America, and was held hostage by ISIS in the Middle East.

Sources:, Associated Press, WMUR (Image Credit: Wendy Rogers)


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