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GOP Candidate Accused Of Harassment, Says It Shows She 'Doesn't Easily Back Down'

A Republican nominee for Oregon Senate responded to harassment and stalking allegations from her ex-husband and ex-boyfriend by saying it is proof she’s “a very committed, determined person.”

During a campaign event, candidate Monica Wehby responded to media reports about her ex-husband and ex-boyfriend filing harassment charges against her. In the end, the charges against Wehby were dropped in both cases.

“I think that the thing to learn from that is that I am a person who will stand up for what I believe in,” Wehby said. “I’m a person who doesn’t easily back down. I will fight for Oregonians with very strong conviction. I’m a very committed, determined person.”

Wehby’s ex-husband, James Grant, filed harassment charges against her during their divorce proceeding.

An ex-boyfriend also accused Wehby of “stalking” him last year and “harassing” his employees, Politico reported.

Wehby said both of her exes support her campaign.

Her opponent, Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley, accused her of dodging questions since the harassment charges became public three weeks ago.

Sources: Mediaite, Politico


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