GOP Candidate Says ‘Knocked Up’ Women Don’t Deserve Baby Showers Or Fancy Weddings (Video)


Sheila Kihne is a Republican candidate running for a seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

According to, Kihne calls herself a "small-government conservative" on her website, but advocated raising taxes on low-income people on her blog in 2009:

So let's start with, say a 5% income tax for those at the bottom. You have to pay at least some percentage of your income to the least if you want to vote. If you don't want to vote, you can keep on paying nothing. Sounds fair to me.

Kihne also supported waterboarding terrorist suspects, which is considered torture, in a 2009 blog post:

When it comes to waterboarding terrorists, I have just four words... Hand me the hose.

Kihne also gave dating and marriage advice in 2009 on her blog:

Don't you think that if you're having a baby- and you're not married- that you should forego the shower?

I also think that if you get married- and are knocked up- you should get married quietly. At a courthouse, at a private home. There should be no 1. Dance 2. Dinner.

In 2006, Kihne co-authored a book on dating and marriage, which she plugged with her co-writer and sister Mary Corbett on the "Today" show, reports (video below).

According to her website, Kihne earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of Minnesota in 1995, but there's no mention of any psychology or therapist degrees.

The book,"The List: 7 Ways to Tell If He's Going to Marry You--in 30 Days or Less!,was written on the premise that a man knows instantly whether or not he is going to marry a woman, so if he doesn't marry a gal within 30 days of meeting her, then she should move on.

When asked on the "Today" show what women should do if a man doesn't call them within 24 hours after a first date, Kihne advised, "Dump him, if you wanna get married on a timeline. If you don't wanna be married, then, you know, keep dating him.

"Inside every man there is an alarm and they don't even know it's there, and when they meet the woman they're going to marry, that alarm goes off," Kihne claimed.

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