GOP Candidate Praises Trump, Uses Anti-Gay Slur


Republican Senate candidate Ted Busiek of Massachusetts praised GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump on July 2, and used an anti-gay slur.

Busiek tweeted: "DONALD TRUMP. Putting self-righteous f-----s in their place since 1993. How I love this fellow. #MAGA."

In the tweet, Busiek linked to a video of Trump from 1993 telling a congressman during a U.S. Native American affairs subcommittee that some of the people running Indian gaming casinos didn't look Indian.

Busiek said he didn't tweet f-----t in a "hateful sense," or to suggest that the congressman in the video was homosexual, but rather to say the congressman was "obnoxious" and was "being a jerk," according to State House News Service.

Busiek added that "social justice warriors" would "probably have a heart attack" if they heard him and his friends talk, but added that it was "very unlikely" he would use this kind of language if elected.

"It's hard for me to get exercised over naughty words," Busiek insisted. "You can insult somebody without being hateful."

Democrat state Sen. Jamie Eldridge of Massachusetts, who is running against Busiek, countered: "When a candidate for office uses such hateful rhetoric it's important to stand up to it and not be silent. This is about the fact that in civil society you don't use hateful rhetoric directed at anyone."

Eldridge noted that Busiek urged Democratic Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts on June 1 to not sign a LGBT rights bill by tweeting directly at him, saying: "Don't do it. These perverts aren't who got you elected, and pandering won't make them your friends."

Busiek insisted he has no "enmity" against gay people, but is opposed to same-sex marriage, which has been legal in Massachusetts since 2003, and is "absolutely opposed" to adoptions by gay couples.

Busiek said he spoke for "anybody who works for a living," and people who are "under attack" for their "oppressor status," which he defined as white, male and successful.

"I think there's a great amount of jealousy involved," Busiek stated in reference to "social justice warriors," whom he did not identify by name.

Busiek explained that he is "disgusted with the people who are politicians," and added: "Most of us don't feel we're represented by the Republican Party," which he said is in the business of "politely losing."

Sources: State House News Service, Ted Busiek/Twitter / Photo Credit: Ted Busiek/Twitter

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