GOP Candidate Blamed Sandy Hook Shooting on Atheism (Audio)

Zach Dasher, the nephew of "Duck Dynasty" reality TV star Phil Robertson, is running against incumbent Rep. Vance McAllister (R-La.) this November.

Rep. McAllister, who is married, was caught on a security surveillance video kissing a female aide last year.

According to Buzzfeed, Dasher recorded a podcast for Willingtothink.org that claimed atheism somehow caused the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Conn.

“These children that were killed in Connecticut were made for purpose and to be honest with you even the killer himself was made for a purpose,” stated Dasher (audio below).

“[Shooter Adam Lanza] was made in the image of God,” added Dasher. “Somewhere along the way he believed what the atheist says. He reduced humanity to nothing more than a collection of atoms, to be discarded like an old banana peel. I guarantee you, now this is my hypothesis, that even saw himself as nothing more than chemicals.”

Dasher didn't back up his stereotype of how atheists are supposed to be, but did attack porn and video games, which he blamed on atheism and post-modernism.

“You wonder why porn is so rampant in our culture," said Dasher. "You wonder why video game addiction is so rampant in our culture. It’s a result of post-modernism. It’s a consequence of post-modernity combined with atheism. That all there is, is matter and material. And that all that matters is matter and material.”

Even though Adam Lanza had a history of mental illness, Dasher ignored the facts and drew a bizarre conclusion.

According to Mediaite.com, Dasher stated, “To blame the acts of a mass murderer on mental illness, for one, is a slap in the face, I think, to reason. It’s the equivalent of blaming lung cancer on coughing.”

Ironically, the Robertson family endorsed Rep. McAllister last year, but is now hitching their train to Dasher.

Sources: Mediaite.com, Buzzfeed (Image Credit: VOA)


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