GOP Atheist Tells Michael Steele to Divorce Religious Right


The Republican National Committee chose Michael Steele as its new party chairman on Friday. A former lieutenant governor of Maryland, Steele becomes the first African-American to lead the GOP.

David Silverman of American Atheists had this response:

I am a Republican Atheist, but I haven't voted for a Republican since Christie Whitman because I haven't been able to do so.

I believe in gun rights, a small government, low taxes, and a strong military. I believe the unions can be just as corrupt as corporations, and I believe in "workfare not welfare".

But I can't vote Republican, ever, because they have become tools of the Religious Right. They are, in my opinion, much more concerned about Intelligent Design, Faith-Based Initiatives, and making ME a 2nd class citizen than any of the issues on which we agree.

I support President Obama, but I really had no choice but to vote for him as Senator McCain had promised more Supreme Court Justices like Scalia. That was a deal killer. It would be like a black person voting for someone who supports segregation -- it doesn't matter what else a candidate says, it's just not going to happen.

So here is my open plea to the incoming GOP President Michael Steele: Please give me my party back. Divorce yourselves from the corruption that is the Religious Right, and return to the values that gave you strength. Religion and politics don't mix -- please learn that. Please be a leader of change, diversity, and modern common sense. Please let me vote Republican, or at least let me give you serious consideration, in the next elections. There can be no change if you give us no choice.



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