Google Tampering With Hot Searches

The past few days have been marked with Alex Jones at Infowars having listeners do a "Google search of the day" for something involving the New World Order. Various search terms have included "Google spies," "Google launches cover up," and "false flag cyber attack." All of these searches have shot up to #1 in the Google trends page, after which a point many of us refresh moments later to see the term completely vanish. Not just dwindle in the search frequency, but completely vanish the next minute. 

Quite frankly, if you don't think something is up you're crazy. Things aren't #1 one minute and non-existent the next minute. It just doesn't work like that! Of course, given this, we can only conclude that Google is promoting censorship and pushing ever closer toward a total and complete police state. 

Alex Jones speculates that Google is the government, or in the very least that the government is using Google to accomplish their dirty work. Since each one of the search terms of the day is exposing the cheating, lying, corrupt government's actions, it would only stand to reason that if Google is the government it is somehow tampering with these trends. 

When something smells like a rat and squeaks like a rat, it probably is a rat, and those of us who've been following this sure smell a rat. The game is up for Google and the government, and more people are waking up to the grim truth than ever before. The NWO isn't coming, people. The NWO is here, and unless we do something about it, speak the truth, and stand up for what's right, it's here to stay. 


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