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Google Allows Michigan Compassion to Advertise Medical Marijuana on AdWords

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Cancer patients who Google any word relating to treatment will now see ads for medical marijuana through the AdWords platform.

While Google has generally had a strict policy against hosting ads for marijuana-related searches, the charitable division of Google gifted Michigan Compassion $120,000 worth of its AdWords space to advertise the middle-man company’s services.

Michigan Compassion connects patients with marijuana growers, but does not directly sell marijuana.

The advertisements will only appear in states where medical marijuana is legal, and will not appear when web searches are done with family-safe filters.

Michigan Compassion has also received free equipment from TechSoup Global and Vertical Response. A spokesperson for Vertical Response said that the company never discriminates with non-profits, as long as their work is within the law.

Sources: The Huffington Post, East Bay Express


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