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Global Warming Advocates to Go on Media Offensive

Advocates of global warming are planning a media offensive to fight back against conservatives in Congress who are vowing to kill climate-change legislation.

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, on Monday the American Geophysical Union, the country's largest association of climate scientists, will announce that 700 climate scientists have agreed to speak out as experts about global warming and the role of man-made air pollution.

In a separate movement, John Abraham of St. Thomas University in Minnesota, who wrote a highly publicized response to climate change skeptics, is also putting together what he calls a "climate rapid response team." That includes scientists who will appear on potentially hostile conservative talk radio and television shows.

This is a major strategy shift among climate scientists, many of whom have stayed out of politics and avoided the news media. But with Republicans winning control of the House, they feel they must change their tactics. 

"This group feels strongly that science and politics can't be divorced and that we need to take bold measures to not only communicate science but also to aggressively engage the denialists and politicians who attack climate science and its scientists," said Scott Mandia, professor of physical sciences at Suffolk County Community College in New York.

"We are taking the fight to them because we are … tired of taking the hits. The notion that truth will prevail is not working. The truth has been out there for the past two decades, and nothing has changed."

During the recent election season, many Republicans made global warming skepticism part of their campaigns. In fact, according to an analysis of campaign statements by the liberal Center for American Progress, of the more than 100 new GOP members of Congress, 50% are climate change skeptics.


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