Journalist Glenn Greenwald Recalls Former VP Dick Cheney's 'Criminal Conduct' (Video)


Earlier this week on CNN, former Vice President Dick Cheney called NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden a "traitor."

"He's done enormous damage to the United States by talking about sources and methods, and the way we collect intelligence," said Cheney. "And that's a violation of the law."

However, Cheney did not present any specific evidence that Snowden had damaged the United States.

According to Time magazine, Cheney said he hopes the U.S. is eventually able to catch Snowden who was given an one-year asylum by Russia.

Cheney did not mention that his own chief of staff Scooter Libby helped out CIA covert operative Valerie Plame to the press and was sentenced to jail, however, that sentence was commuted by President Bush.

Glenn Greenwald, who published Snowden's leaks in The Guardian, reminded Anderson Cooper last night on CNN of Cheney's reported crimes during the Bush administration, noted (video below).

“Remember, Dick Cheney is a politician who engaged in some of the worst, most radical and criminal conduct in the last century in the United States and did it all in secret, from lying about the war in Iraq to torturing people, to putting people in cages with no lawyers, to eavesdropping on the American people without the warrants required by law,” said Greenwald.

“So of course political people like Dick Cheney, people in political power always want to do what they do behind a wall of secrecy because that’s how they abuse power and they always consider those who bring transparency to what they do to be evil, treasonous people,” added Greenwald.

He then explained that the NSA information leaked by Snowden exposed how the U.S. was spying on innocent people, not terrorists.

“What we told the world what they didn’t know is this spying system is directed at innocent people, people that have nothing to do with terrorism,” stated Greenwald.

Sources: Time,, Wikipedia


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