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Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill Team Up to Report on NSA, Assassinations

A criticism of the recent trend in journalism is that reporters are losing their will to take the government to task in order to maintain high levels of access to government officials in either party. However, two journalists who have routinely broken stories that investigate the US government regardless of which side is in power are teaming up to report about the role of the NSA and “a US assassination program.”

Scahill and Greenwald are both “activist” journalists, however their argument isn’t with which side is in power, but with the power structure itself. Scahill rose to prominence with the publication of his book Blackwater, a look at the US Security contractor so damaging the company changed its name to Xe and then Academi. A documentary film tied in to Scahill’s second book Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield has just been released.

Greenwald has written four books, three of which were bestsellers. According to his first book How Would a Patriot Act?, the author admits to only becoming politically active in response to George W. Bush’s presidency, but his latest book, With Liberty and Justice for Some, takes a less partisan look at how the system is used to abuse the citizens who depend on it.

While most are still marveling at the scope of the NSA surveillance program, Greenwald and Scahill are planning to report on how the information that was gathered ties in with drone strikes, special operations actions, and other such efforts tied to the continuing “war” against terrorism as executed by the Bush and Obama administrations. The two took questions at the Latin American premiere of the Dirty Wars documentary at a Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro. Scahill nor Greenwald would offer more details or say when they expect it will be finished.


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