Glenn Beck's Sarcastic Dismissal Of Robert Gates: We Need A Hero And You're Not Him (Video)


Conservative radio host Glenn Beck was unimpressed by the new memoir from Robert Gates, stating that if the former Defense Secretary really found his work despicable he should have resigned.

Gates’ book, “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War,” is highly critical of President Barack Obama’s leadership style and questions his commitment to the war in Afghanistan.

While many opponents are applauding the book, Beck said Gates should have done more to instigate change while he was in office, instead of waiting more than a year after he left the administration to divulge secrets in a book.

“That’s why I have no interest in this,” Beck said Wednesday on his radio show.

He said the principled thing would have been to “try to repair and try to correct the injustice and the problem that they found” or resign and hold a congressional hearing explaining why.

“If you’re gonna dedicate your life to now reversing all of the things that you were a part of, it’s despicable. It’s really despicable,” Beck said.

“Can you imagine what this guy could have done if he would have been in front of a congressional hearing?” he asked his co-hosts. “Can you imagine what would have happened if he didn’t have that conversation behind the scenes?”

If he had disclosed what he learned to the American people years ago, Beck said “maybe I would go out an buy your book.”

“The world is looking for heroes,” he said. “We’re not looking for revolutionaries … we’re looking for somebody who has the balls to stand up.”

“All I want to do is study the things that are important,” he concluded. “I’m sorry, Mr. Gates, I just don’t have time to purchase or read your book. But thanks for the tip that we can’t trust this administration. That comes as a total surprise.”

Sources: Fox News, Mediaite


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