Glenn Beck Selling Food Insurance, Compares to Founding Fathers (Video)


Glenn Beck used to promote the gold firm Goldline to his audience and warn them of an upcoming economic disaster.

However, Beck dropped Goldline after their executives were charged with fraud, noted ABC News.

This week, Beck was back in his fear-mongering disaster mode, pitching Food Insurance to his internet TV show audience (video below).

The Food Insurance website offers the "Glenn Basic Kit" and the "Glenn Beck Deluxe Kit" of emergency food in case of emergencies.

According to, Beck claimed that people who buy Food Insurance were actually like the Founding Fathers who would “sit in a room for years and study and try to figure out: What does freedom mean and how do we make people free?”

“So very few people do preparation, and that’s why there’s failure, you can cut corners but you can only get away with it for so long. If trouble comes, are you and your family prepared? Food Insurance offers freeze-dried entrees or dehydrated options. There’s something for everybody and every budget, it really is good.”

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