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Glenn Beck Says 'American People Have Just Been Raped' (Video)

During his radio show today, conservative conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck claimed there is a government surveillance group that records all emails and phone calls.

Beck said a complex is being built in Utah that is "the largest storage facility ever known to mankind. They are storing all of the information."

Beck claimed that Congress should simply go get the records from the database to find out exactly what happened with the IRS and Benghazi attack, according to

"America, it is time we turned the security state against itself," Beck said. "Why ask for it?  Just go into the system that we paid for and you built for our quote 'protection.' You want to find it? Why are you waiting? The more you wait, the more time they have to delete." 

"Go in and get it.  You have it.  Or is that security system you've built for our protection not really for our protection?  The American people have just been raped. Why are you asking the rapist to hurry up with the swab test?"



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