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Glenn Beck Promises Nation Will be 'Rocked' by Big News in 24 Hours (Video)

During his radio broadcast today on The Blaze network, conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck promised some big news would rock this "country in the next 24 hours" and "take down pretty much the whole power structure" (video below).

"It will show you how dire the situation is. And I believe we are going to be greatly divided as a nation... We are going to be greatly divided in the next ten days and you are going to witness things in American history that have never been witnessed before," warned Beck.

"We have a whistleblower on something. This guy is so afraid for his life that he hadn't talked to me. He has reached out to an ally to get some information and my people have seen this one document."

"This one document would pretty much take down the whole power structure, pretty much everything... It will take down the GOP. It will take down the Democrats. It will take down many members of Congress. It will take all of them down," promised Beck.

Beck also claimed that the whistleblower will only come forward if he can appear on television in front of Congress because he is afraid of being killed, notes



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