Glenn Beck Portrays NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg As Hitler (Video)

During his keynote speech to the NRA this weekend, conservative Glenn Beck took aim at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg by comparing him to Adolf Hitler (video below).

"I am amazed at how many of my New York friends have become absolute dopes and just will accept the soda ban, the popcorn ban, the salt ban," said Beck, mocking Bloomberg's fight against skyrocketing obesity rates.

"We all know the advertisement 'I Heart New York.' I've come up with a new advertisement, a new slogan for it, 'You Will Love New York.'"

At that point, a giant image appeared of Mayor Bloomberg, who is Jewish, in a Hitler-like pose.

According to MediaMatters.org, Beck then called Mayor Bloomberg a "progressive," even though the mayor supports stop-and-frisk police tactics, which are opposed by progressive groups.

Beck went on to attack Mayor Bloomberg for his stand against global warming: He wants to control every aspect of your life... he wants to control what you will eat, how you will eat."

Source: MediaMatters.org


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