Glenn Beck Plays the Moon in Bizarre Fourth of July Show (Video)


Tens of thousands of people gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah over the Fourth of July weekend for Glenn Beck's multi-day event.

The festivities began with the lowering of the American flag upside-down from the ceiling to show that America is in distress (video below), noted

Guest speaker Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) praised the U.S. Constitution, but attacked the U.S. Supreme Court and Obamacare, which the audience applauded, reported The Blaze, which is owned by Beck.

After conservative personality Michelle Malkin attacked immigration reform, the audience gave her "wild applause," and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) also "received a standing ovation" when he praised Malkin's anti-immigration speech.

“You are inspirational, you know that. The reason you can make a living opening your mouth is because of what comes out," said Rep. Gohmert, noted The Blaze.

According to the The Blaze, debunked Christian historian David Barton’s speech "was greeted with intense applause and a standing ovation, as he connected Biblical values to the nation’s founding,"

However, the audience went into constant applause during the "Man in the Moon" event, in which Beck himself played the moon recalling the history of the earth and the U.S.

Beck played "a watchful moon admiring sister Earth, calling her 'Blue,' and his face became superimposed upon the giant stage moon," reported the Salt Lake Tribune.

"I cannot tell you how your story ends, because I am not the author. You are," said Beck. "Love, love one another. I cannot wait to see what you decide to do. I am your moon. And you are my beasts."

Sources:, Salt Lake Tribune, The Blaze


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