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Glenn Beck Compares Peaceful Immigrant Advocates to KKK (Video)

Immigration advocates from Sunflower Community Action peacefully assembled outside the Kansas City, Mo. house of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach on Saturday to ask for his support on immigration reform.

Kobach and his family were out of town for Father's Day weekend and missed the 15-minute protest, but during an interview with on Monday, Kobach called the protesters a "mob" and threatened to use his "Second Amendment right" on them.

Glenn Beck was supposed to interview Kobach via phone, but Kobach was unable to do the interview due to technical difficulties.

In a serious tone, Beck said "luckily" Kobach and his four children "were not in the house at the time" (during the peaceful protest).

Beck then compared the peaceful immigration protesters to violent, armed, hooded, lynch mobs of the Ku Klux Klan on his TV show (video below), noted

"What’s the difference between that and the Klan coming to Martin Luther King’s house?” asked Beck. “What is the difference? This is not just domestic terrorism, this is civil rights stuff.  This is coming to someone's house and intimidating them. This isn’t America. This is old-style South kind of tactics and the Klan used it for a long time because it worked."

"And they will continue to use to it until someone with some decency sits in a position of power in this government and says 'enough is enough.' We're Americans. We're not Klan members. We're not street fighters. We're not communists like Lenin. We're Americans," added Beck.

The Blaze conspiracy theorist did not cite one instance of violence by Sunflower Community Action.



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