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Glenn Beck Claims Obama Using AP, IRS Scandals to Cover Benghazi Scandal (Video)

Glenn Beck recently claimed on his radio show that the IRS-Tea Party scandal and the Associated Press-Department of Justice phone scandal were brought up by the Obama administration to bury the Benghazi scandal (video).

In reality, it was the Associated Press who brought up the phone scandal.

Beck's co-host then said it was Beck himself who brought up the IRS scandal 16 months ago.

According to, Beck then quickly changed his claim and said "Yeah, I know that."

"As the Benghazi thing heats up, all of a sudden, the White House apologizes in what is known as a 'planted question.' It was a planted question about the IRS to ask us about targeting Tea Parties," claimed Beck.

"I believe a case could be made for 'get off Benghazi" because Benghazi is literally where the bodies are buried."

CBS News reported last night that Republicans leaked false emails, which they attributed to the Obama administration, regarding the Benghazi talking points.

Source: and Associated Press


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