Glenn Beck Claims the Obama Administration is Teaching Government Workers to be 'Racist’ (Video)

Glenn Beck appeared on 'The O’Reilly Factor' on Monday night to discuss a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) cultural sensitivity seminar, which supposedly taught “government workers to be racist” (video below).

According to RawStory.com, video excerpts from a 2011 USDA seminar show Dr. Samuel Betances saying that the Pilgrims were "illegal immigrants" and did not hand over their passports to native Americans.

Betances said that a better understanding of African-American issues can help society to become “an extension of each other’s quest to make American stronger, healthier and freer, for all of us ... Say thank you [to] black folks."

 “Look at what this government is doing!” Glenn Beck railed. “This government, under Barack Obama, is hiring people to teach people how to be racist. This is the most incredible thing, and we’ve seen a lot of incredible stuff from our government. But usually it’s somebody like [California Democratic Rep.] Maxine Waters who’s like, ‘You know what this liberal’s gonna do? We’re gonna socialize your oil companies.’ This is a coordinated, planned effort to go in and teach government workers to be racist.”

Beck told the skeptical host Bill O’Reilly to “go back one sentence from where you picked it up, where everyone needs to say, ‘Thank you, black man. Thank you, black man.’ What is it with this? We are all in this together. Here’s an organization that is our government spending your tax dollars trying to teach this nonsense. What are they teaching? They’re teaching that the white man came over and stole the land from the Indians.”

“I would urge everyone to call your congressman and you tell them, ‘Pull the funding from the USDA.’ This is outrageous that they would spend your money.”

Source: RawStory.com and Mediaite.com

(The USDA part begins at 3:40)


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