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Glenn Beck Claims Christopher Dorner Was Part of Left Wing Conspiracy (Video)

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck recently claimed that former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner’s killing rampage was actually was part of a plan by “radical progressives” to create an “oppressive government” (video below).

According to, Beck's supposed "proof" was a pro-Dorner Facebook page that had “thousands of likes."

However, Beck provided no evidence that the Facebook "likes" were posted by left wingers.

“It’s not tea parties, it’s the progressive people,” Beck said. “We know, as we have seen, they despise the police. We saw that at Occupy [Wall Street] and in leftist support for cop killers such as Mumia Abu-Jamal. A large part of Dorner’s manifesto is hatred for the police. Radical progressives look for the disenfranchised and they stir them up to violence, and you can expect more."

Beck failed to mention one mainstream progressive group or leader that supports violence. In fact, progressives are among the strongest voices for gun control, restricting the use of drones and supporting civil rights.

“There are a lot of crazy people out there on the left that want anarchy, they want the top to come down,” Beck claimed. “They desperately want to paint the right as violent, but the trend seems to suggest that the left wants violence.

“Targeting police and government buildings, setting off bombs and causing destruction. This is the pattern throughout American history. Whenever the radical left feels like they are very close to getting the oppressive government that they want, they try to shove the American people over the edge.”



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